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How To Promo Your Roleplay Efficiently 

There are tons of how to promo guides that sum everything up to one thing: quantity of promos. But there’s one thing that is often forgotten that should be kept in mind when promoing your roleplay — tagging.

There are several parts needed to do this, and I’ll be using the roleplay I’m managing (wishing-on-a-roleplay) and tested this on as an example.

The first 4 steps are the basis of promoing, and told as they are in basically every promo guide.

1. Set up a sideblog

It keeps your main page cleaner and you don’t spam your followers. It’s also easier to queue posts. Make sure your promo blog has a redirect theme to the main page.

2. Graphics

Get at least 3 different graphics for your roleplay. The more different they look from every other roleplay ad, the better. You want to stand out, and that doesn’t happen when you’re just showing off faceclaims or a city. Here’s an example of a promo pic for wishing-on (x). If you don’t know how to make graphics, I accept requests.

3. Plot Summary

Make 2 or 3 different plot summaries, around 1 or 2 paragraphs. Keep it simple, explaining the important while making it mysterious or alluring enough to make people want to see the rest of the plot. 'RoleplayX happens in CityX full of secrets and lies.' isn’t as appealing as 'CityX's power is based on lies and deception. Everyone is hiding something, and it's time for those secrets to be revealed.'

4. Links

Beneath the plot you should post several links directly to the main page. Home || Plot || Characters || Settings. You can put up anything, but no one goes directly to the rules, or faq, or submit page, so why put them in the promo? Help people know the roleplay first.

5. Tags and Queue

This is the most important part of promoing efficiently.

(First, I suggest installing XKit, as it makes tagging and seeing the time of posts much easily. Plus it has some nice tweaks to the drafts and queue page that will make your life much easier.)

What most guides tell you is to set up your queue for around 10 posts per day. If you manage to set up 300 (the limit) then you only have to do it once per month. This would guarantee you to always be on the first page of the tags you’ve chosen. But what also happened, is that certain tags had 3 or 4 promos from my roleplay in the same page, and people get annoyed at seeing the same roleplay over and over again, clogging the tag.

The truth is, not all tags work the same way. What you need to do is select what tags you want to use. Make a list. A long list. 

there’s the general tags, (new roleplay, bio roleplay, oc roleplay, original roleplay,..) and then the ones specific to your kind of roleplay. The one I did this for is a steampunk pirates roleplay, so I chose tags like steampunk roleplay, pirate roleplay, fantasy roleplay, adventure.. 
Make sure for each tag you list roleplay, rp and rpg

Then you check each tag. See how many pages it takes you to reach a promo from 1 day ago.  Is it one? Four, five? Maybe you give up at page 10 when posts are only from 2 hours ago.

If it takes 4 pages to reach a post from 1 day ago, then you need to make 4 promos per day in that tag.  If it’s on the first page, then you only need 1 post. If it takes 5 pages, then you need 5 posts, and so on. This guarantees you that you will always have one post in the first page without spamming the tag.

Using this system, you don’t need 10 posts per day — 5 will do just fine.

6. Final notes

  • Keep in mind that only the first 5 tags will show up.
  • If you’re using the lsrp or lsrpg tags, don’t use it on anything but promo pics. No bios, no asks answered, no admins requesting apps. 
  • In fact, mods just requesting apps or answering asks in the tag will just annoy the potential roleplayer. They don’t say anything about the roleplay itself and it never lures anyone in. Same for accepted apps, or mods telling things about their personal lives.
  • Try to make it so you’re not posting always the same promo pic with the same summary in the same tags. If you do so, people will stop more often on your promos.
  • Go check once in a while if the system is working. Maybe you thought 3 posts per day were fine, but you actually need 4, or the other way around.

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